Inspired By Spring

In today’s post I am sharing with you some of my tips on how to start your own wedding and event floristry business. Starting with the first fundemental question you need to ask yourself. 

With this beautiful warm sunny weather we have been having recently I think it’s safe to say Spring is well underway! In today’s post I’m paying homage to my favourite (along with Autumn) season. Sharing with you a little Spring inspiration, I hope it offers some light relief during these difficult times.

Inspired by Spring

One of the highlights from the day at the moment is seeing all the pretty blossom trees in full bloom whilst out on my daily walk. I have always had an appreciation for nature but that feels more acute then ever due to the current situation. I’m noticing even the most subtle of changes in both my own and local community garden. One of the silver linnings to the slower pace of life is really having the time to enjoy these little things that really do make all the difference. The flowers are very much helping to keep me grounded and sane at the moment, do any of you feel the same?

Ranunculus button holes

Flower Varieties

The Daffodils and Ranunculus are sadly fading but in it’s place I have spotted other goodies popping up. Sweet smelling lilac in pretty shades of purples, pinks and whites and I also saw the first of the Cow Parsley last week too! I’m happy to see the Tulips are still going though. I have made a mental note to try to grow some Belle Epoque next year I keep seeing images of them pop up on Instagram and I am utterly obsessed!

Spring Urn Arrangement
Urn Arrangement with daffodils and tulips

The urn arrangement above created during a wonderful day spent with Brigitte from Moss and Stone, whilst attending her Spring study workshop. Is full of spring inspiration with butterfly ranunculus and daffodils. The Brown Sugar tulips were one of the many highlights of the day and had the most delicious scent! Also on my list of Spring varities to plant for next year are Narcissus Replete. Image envy again, seeing their beautiful peachy centres all over Instagram! So lovely seeing all the lilac/blue Scilla growing in peoples front gardens too. We’re fortunate to also have some in our garden as well, such a pretty delicate flower as featured in the image below.

Inspired by Spring

I’m delighted with my new cermaic bowl (pictured above) a purchase from Kabin Shop. Now added to my ever growing collection of vessels. The beautuful Ranunculus, Pheasant Eye Daffodils and Scilla from Flowers by Clowance are all grown here in the UK., down in Cornwall to be precise. Finished with Forsythia which I foraged from a near by field where I live. Although most of the petals had sadly dropped I like the movement and depth it adds to this spring inspired arrangement.

Spring Arrangement with Tulips and Anemones

Transitioning Seasons

Those fleeting moments when the seasons colide and certain flower varieties overlap. Even if only for a very brief period of time is magic! When the Anemones and Ranunculus sit alongside the hellebores. When the the last of the Ranunculus are just available and the peopnies have started to come into season. I may be a little fickle when it comes to choosing my favourite flower (which florist isn’t?!). Although Ranunculus is most certainly up there, a close second behind the garden rose for many reasons. The first being their stunning layers of ruffles. The shades available (particularly those blush and peachy tones) and the fact they just get better with age! The older they get the more beautiful they become. Opening up to reveal more of their equisite ruffles and they last for ages too! Honestly what is not to love?

Spring Arrangement with Ranunculus and Hellebores

Then there are those delicate Fritillaria Meleagris AKA Snake’s head which although small are surprisingly robust. I’m a sucker for their wiggly stems too! Featured in the Spring inspiration bouquet below along with Anenmone’s Ranunculus, Butterfly Ranunculus, Hellebores and Toffee Roses. A new variety of Clematis too, called Amazing Tokyo. I had never heard of before but I absolutely adore! I would go as far to say it’s now my favourite Clematis (available as a cut flower that is).

Bouquet with butterfly Ranunculus, Fritillaria's and Anemones

Spring represents hope after the long cold winter season. Seeing the flowers bloom and come back to life is always something I look forward to each year. It’s the promise it brings and that those cold dark days don’t last forever. I couldn’t think of a better season to accompany us through this uncertain time. I’m grateful for it’s beauty and distraction (if only temporary). I hope you too are feeling inspired by Spring too.

Stay safe



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