Tips on how to start your own wedding and event floristry business

In today’s post I am sharing with you some of my tips on how to start your own wedding and event floristry business. Starting with the first fundemental question you need to ask yourself. 

In todays post I am sharing with you some tips on how to start your own wedding and event floristry business. Starting with the first fundamental question you need to ask yourself. When you have the initial idea that you would like to set up your own wedding and event floristry business.

Decide on your why?

It is important to have a clear idea from the very start of what is your businesses why? This is your reason for starting your business? What is it that drives you? It is important to have this clear in your mind. It is from this that everything else within your business will flow. For example my business why is supporting others on their floral journey. Having a career that allows me to be creative and work with flowers. What drives me is having a career that is flexible. That allows me to be around for my little ones as much as possible whilst they are growing up. Your why should filter through everything you do with your business guiding you with making important decisions. Your why should also connect with your business goals as well.

Your why’s may change as your business evolves and that is absolutely fine. As long as you are clear on what they are. Even if you have been a florist for a while it is still good to go back and visit your whys. They can help guide you back on track at times when you are feeling a little lost and in need of some direction.

What is your Business Product/service offering?

Now this might seem like an obvious question. However being clear on this means you are laying solid foundations for your business. That will allow you to build on and grow. Without the solid foundations you are more likely to come up against problems further down the line when it comes to marketing your business. In order to market yourself you need to know exactly what it is you are offering and who it is you are wanting to serve. Ask yourself what does my business do? Who is it you are creating flowers for and what type of services do you offer?

For example, if I asked myself the question; What does my business do? I would say that I am a teacher and mentor for florists at whatever stage they are at (new or more experienced). I am creating flowers for demos and installations as part of my classes that I offer. The types of services that I offer are one to one workshops, group workshops and business mentoring.

How to Start your Own Wedding and Event Floristry Business

Your unique selling point (usp)

Think about what your unique selling point is? This is what sets you apart from your competitors. What does your business pride itself on? For example, my unique selling point is that I create natural voluptuous arrangements inspired by the seasons with carefully considered colour palettes being a key focus.

Finding your floral style

What is it that lights you up as a creative? Your style may evolve and change over time as your business develops and grows, as mind did. However, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create bountiful natural designs inspired by the seasons. Being clear on your floral style will enable you to speak directly to your target market. Rather than trying to please everyone by adapting your style to suit different tastes. Knowing what you love will help you attract the right clients that want to work with you because they adore your floral style.

How to Start Your Own Wedding and Event Floristry Business

Build a relationship with suppliers

Whether you are using British or Dutch flowers or both like myself. It’s important to figure out how each supplier operates. Theh Dutch and British flower buying process differs quite a lot in terms of the pricing and quantities. In general, Dutch flowers tend to come in larger wrap quantities (a wrap is the same as one bunch). The ordering process can also vary depending on suppliers as well. If ordering from the live Dutch auctions you usually need to order a couple of days in advance. For example, if you are wanting to have your flowers delivered on a Thursday you would place your order on a Tuesday.

Whereas other wholesalers such as the Real Flower Company tend to usually require a longer lead time of one weeks notice prior to ordering. If you are wanting to find local flower growers that could potentially supply flowers to you. I would highly recommend checking out Flowers from the Farm as they have an online directory of all the flower growers based within the UK. My top tip would be to compile a list of the wholesalers you would like to do business with and how each one operates so you have the information easily to refer to.

dive deeper

I delve deeper into these topics within my new Digital Masterclass, How to Start your Own Wedding and Event Floristry Business

How to Start your Own Wedding and Event Floristry Business

When starting your own wedding and event floristry business it can feel dauting and confusing. Thats where the Digital Masterclass comes in! Within it I guide you through the whole process covering:

  • Your Business Offering and Core Values
  • Establishing your Business Goals
  • Finding your Floral Style
  • Marketing the Four P’s and Discovering your Ideal Client
  • How to Create your Marketing Strategy
  • Online and Offline Marketing
  • Marketing on Social Media
  • The Wedding Booking Process
  • Pricing and Proposal Writing
  • Contracts and Legal Requirements
  • Flower Recipe’s, Sourcing Flowers and Suppliers
  • Location and Logistics

Along with three bonus sections:

  • Mindset
  • Thoughts for the Future
  • Useful Resources

As well as seven downloadable templates for you to edit and use for your business! This is the ultimate guide I wish I had thirteen years ago when I started my business. My hope is that it supports florists with setting up their business. Leaving you feeling confident, focused and self-assured.

I hope you have found todays post useful? If you have any comments or questions about the digital masterclass – How to Start your Own Wedding and Event Floristry Business. Please let me know in the box below, I would love to hear from you.


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