A celebration of British Flowers

It’s British Flowers Week! A celebration of British Flowers in all their beautiful petal glory. As those of you know I am a huge champion of British flowers. During the flowering season I adore using them in my work and like to include them as much as I possibly can. For me it’s the seasonality that they bring and the vast array of varities. The colours, shapes and stem wiggles all just add to their individuality. I thought what better way to articulate my love for British blooms than by sharing some of my favourite flowers and designs throughout growing seasons.

British Flower Selection

Spring British Flowers

One of my favourite seasons. After what often feels like a long cold winter Spring reignites our joy and brings with it the promise of lighter warmer days to come. There are so many floral delights to enjoy too with the Blossom and Magnolia blooming on the trees. Then there’s the daffodils, the peachy centred Replete and Coral Charm being particular favourites of mine. Not forgetting of course the Tulips as well, I especially love the double headed varities which you could almost mistake as Peony! Le Belle and Copper Image are still firm favourites but I grew a new varity in my garden this year called Vovo which completely stole the show! I have never seen a tulip colour like it! Pictured in the third image down, she was pretty spectacular!

summer British Flowers

I have been really enjoying the summer season so far this year. Alfresco dinners in the garden. Watching the garden roses flowering their socks off from my Kitchen window. The delicious scent greeting me every morning when I go out to water the flowers in the garden. Summer really does behold some of my all time favourite flowers from the Foxgloves in June. I grew my first ever apricot Foxgloves this year which I was so chuffed about. Then of course there is the sweet peas. My first ones should be flowering any day now. I am currently watching them like a hawk. Then of course my all time favourites incase you hadn’t already guessed, the garden roses. They really are the flower that just keeps on giving as they have such a long growing season. Mine in my garden start to flower from early/mid May right up until October. My favourite one is a Shropshire Lad by David Austin she is the most gorgeous blush/peachy shade.

Bowl Arrangement with Summer Flowers
British Flowers with Summer Flowers
Summer Flower Bowl

AUtumn British Flowers

Another of my favourite seasons. That golden sun light you get late afternoon. It just doesn’t glisten quite the same throughout the rest of the year. The leaves turning on the trees to thei rich vibrant tones are just some of the delights that Autumn offers. I think my favourite Autumn flower has to be Japense Anemones. Closely followed by Rudbeckia I have a particular penchant for Sahara. Then of course there are the Dahlias and Cosmos. Although they do start flowering from mid to late summer. I feel really come into their own during the Autumn months. I think I will always be a sucker for Cafe Au Lait, I mean who isn’t! However another more recent favorite that has risen to the top in my book is called Sweet Nathalie. Cosmos I’m always enchanted by their delicate movement, often adding the finished ‘cherry on top’ to my arrangements. You can probably guess my favourite colur too, yes of course it is apricot!

British Flowers
Autumn Bowl with British Flowers
Autumn Bowl of British Flowers

Flower Growers

I am in complete awe of all the British flower growers based throughout the UK. Since starting to grow flowers in my own garden. I have come to realise the time and hard graft that goes into nurturing and tending to each individual flower. Not to mention the knowledge needed to understand each varities newss. In order to allow the flower to bloom at it’s best and that is just one flower! That’s without all the external factors too that can effect a plants growth such as the weather for example. I honestly have no idea how they do it, they are flowery wizards! I am so grateful to my own amazing local growers. Mary, based not far from me in Eynsford who is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to flowers. Everything she grows is just stunning! Jayne, also known as Holwood Flower Farm. Has an amazing flower farm based in Keston with a gorgeous selection of blooms that she grows. Without them my business simply wouldn’t be the same!

If you would like to find out more about British Flowers. Take a look on the Flowers from the Farm website. You should be able find out where your local growers are located and more information about them. I just want to finish by saying I have availabilty for one 1:1 floral masterclass over the summer. Where I fully intend to use all British flowers. If you would like to find out more send me an email. We can have a chat about what it is you would like to spend the day focussing on.

Happy British Flowers Week!


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