Say Hello to Elsie & Edna our Mother’s Day Bouquets!

In today’s post I am sharing with you some of my tips on how to start your own wedding and event floristry business. Starting with the first fundemental question you need to ask yourself. 

Sooo I have finally recovered from a very busy mothers day weekend packed full of pretty flowers! I thought I would share with you the shenanigans we got up too…

This year I decided to create two different designs that capture the essence of spring. Running along the vintage trend that is popular at the moment amongst flowers each design was given an old english name, Edna and Elsie (named after my great nans, Elsie is 96 and amazing for her age!)

Edna was made up of yellow and white spring flowers with Daffodils, Tulips, scented Stocks and Narcissi which smelt lush! (I always try to incorporate scent into my designs as much as possible as to me its one of the many reasons why you can’t beat fresh flowers.) Elsie was made up of pinks, lilacs and purples with purple and pink tulips, gorgeous pink ranunculus and for the scent hyacinths and of course not forgetting the lovely green bell which was used in both.

The Tulips, Daffodils and Narcissi I am proud to say were british grown in Cornwall by my lovely supplier Flowers bt Clowance. I try to use British flowers wherever possible, I like to support the british economy as today the majority of flowers found on your average high street are imported from Kenya, Netherlands or Colombia. In the UK we are fortunate enough to be able to grow a wide and varied amount of flowers that go far beyond the run of the mill carnation and chrysanthemum.

I received all the flowers from Cornwall on the Friday before mother’s day and the rest I collected from my local wholesalers. I began by conditioning each of the flowers by removing any unwanted leaves and trimming the stems at an angle. I then put them into separate buckets for each design. Once I had eventually finished doing this (I say eventually as this takes rather a long time) I then began to prepare all the packaging by cutting the cellophane into meter squares, preparing the gift bags, tissue and of course our lovely mothers day message cards that we sourced from the signature card company.

Lush stocks, daffodils and green bell which I just love it adds a natural wispy feel to the texture of the bouquets.

All the Elsie ingredients prepared ready to create…

Each design had a flowers with meaning card that listed each of the flowers in the bouquet and their meanings.


Daffodil & Narcissus – Eternal Love, Joy & happiness, Stock – Lasting beauty & a happy life, Yellow Tulip – Cheerful thoughts and sunshine


Pink Tulip – Perfect happiness, confidence & love, Purple Tulip – Royalty, Hyacinth – Sincerity, Ranunculus – Radiance

Thank you to everyone who purchased an Elsie or Edna bouquet, I hope your mums were thrilled with them!

Joanne xx


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