A DIY tutorial… how to make a flower circlet

Hello All,

I hope your Tuesday was a good one (at least Monday is over) I am sharing with you my first ever do it yourself post so I hope you like it and maybe even find it useful. Flower crowns are a real trend at the moment amongst weddings and there no longer associated to just being worn by little flower girls (although they do look adorable) with lots of brides opting for a flower circlet as the ultimate bridal accessory especially amongst brides having a rustic/boho theme wedding.

So what ingredients will you need?

To make a small-sized flower crown (it fits my head which is rather small) you will need…

  • Fine silver wire (32 gauge)
  • Medium weight wire (56 or 71 gauge)
  • 1 reel of florist tape
  • Scissors
  • 2 stems of lisianthus
  • 5 stems of anemone
  • 5 stems of senecio cineraria
  • Sprigs of eucalyptus (20 approx)
  • Sprigs of pittosporum (10 approx)

Step 1

First cut all the flowers just below the head but leaving enough of the stem to wire each piece, as both the foliage and flowers for this design are all rather delicate I would suggest using the fine silver wire for both.

Step 2

Begin wiring each flower, take the wire and push it through the stem then pull down both ends of the wire so parallel to the stem. Take one side of the wire and gently loop it round the stem bringing it straight again with the other piece to leave long on both sides.

Step 3

Once finishing the flowers begin wiring the foliage, take the wire and this time bend it in half to form a hook and place the ‘hook’ part around the stem of eucalyptus/pittosporum then take each end of the wire and loop it around the stem bringing it straight again with the other piece to leave long on both sides, continue to wire each stem of foliage.

Step 4

Take the florist tape and cut a piece off (approx 15cm long) starting just underneath the head at the point where you inserted the wire, begin wrapping the tape around the stem pulling it as thin as possible as you wind it around the wire. Do this all the way down to the end ensuring that none of the wire is on show. Continue using the same method to tape all the flowers and the foliage stems.

Step 5

Cut a piece of wire for the base of the circlet, measure the head of the wearer and add 2cm extra at each end for the hooks which will hold the circlet together. I’d use a sturdy 71 gauge wire or maybe even wire two together to provide extra support, then tape the wire.

Step 6

Begin to neatly tape on each of the ingredients, as you add the flowers or foliage alternate them on either side of the wire this gives a more natural look, work your way along the wire.

Step 7

Each flower or foliage should be placed so it’s ‘growing’ away from the central vein, remember to cut down any wires that are too long as you tape on an ingredient.

Step 8

Finally gently bend the circlet into a circular shape, hook each end together and its ready to wear!

I hope this post has inspired you to have a go at making your own flower circlet, I for one can’t wait to create more flower crowns this year!

Joanne xx

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