Foam Free Hanging Insallation and Table Centre Workshop

Last month I had the pleasure of spending the day with Jen from Into the Wild Florist for a foam free hanging installation and table centre one to one workshop. A wonderful day filled with oddles of stunning British blooms! Honestly just when you think the season couldn’t get any better! So many gorgeous varities of dahlias, I mean just look at those cafe au lait dahlias, wow! I knew for the hanging insallation that I really wanted to incorporate Old Man’s Beard foliage. I have never worked with it before and thought it would work beautifully in the hanging design. So when I arrived at GB foliage the morning before to see they had it in abundance you can imagine how happy I was! The colour pallet was warm and vibrant with a late summer meets early Autumn feel and I adored it.

British blooms for a one to one workshop
Foam free hanging installation

The initial shape for the hanging insallation we created using the old mans beard. Once we were happy with how the design was looking we began adding other foliages to add texture and interest. I particuarly love the wispy Cotoneaster. I do love foliage and I actually quite like the design before the flowers are added. What do you think? Although once we started to add the flowers we were in our element! I absolutely love how the design evolved and the final outcome. Flower wise we used a mix of garden roses paired with dahlias, cosmos and scabious. Stunning chrysanth blooms too in the dreamiest soft peachy colour.

Foam Free Hanging Insallation and Table Centre Workshop

How perfect would this design be for a top table at a wedding? In the afternoon we created foam free centre pieces in these gorgeous handmade ceramic bowls from Kabin shop. Jen watnted to focus on arranging natural centre pieces that have a light airy feel. Prior to our workshop she mentioned creating space around her flowers a bit of a challenge. Her centre piece (pictured on the left) was absolutely beautiful! She did a supberb job and totally nailed the light and airy feel!

Jen photographing her handy work and looking rather glam! Sadly I can’t say I dress like this for my wedding set ups! Shhh don’t tell anyone…

Foam Free Hanging Insallation and Table Centre Workshop

A close up of the hanging insallaton. I adore how the old mans beard trails down and the fluffy element it adds to the design too. The berries add a delightful finishing touch and definately give a nod towards Autumn.

Foam Free Hanging Insallation and Table Centre Workshop

It was a joy to see the whole design come together with the table centres nesttled underneath the hanging piece. It was a wonderful day and most certainly a highlight in amongst what has been a strange and uncertain year. Thank you for joining me for our foam free hanging installation and table centre workshop Jen. I’m looking forward to following your floral journey. Check out my one to one floral masterclasses page on the website if you would like to find out more or to book.

Hope you have a lovely weekend



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