Hello Autumn…

There has been a definite shift in the air over the last couple of weeks, it’s got cooler and the nights are definitely drawing in sooner. I am very much embracing the change in season. Autumn, is quite possibly one of my favourite times of the year for many different reasons. One being that I’m an October baby so get to celebrate my birthday (although getting older doesn’t feel me with the same joy quite so much). Besides from that though for me Autumn it is such an inspiring time of year and a time to wind down and take stock after a busy summer. I adore that feeling of cosying up, reverting back to snug woolly jumpers and chilled nights in by the fire. Not that we have a log fire (I wish) just trying to create that dreamy picture for you 😉 and to those of you who do have log fires, you lucky things. I’m not jealous, at all! I recently read an interesting article in the Telegraph about the art of embracing the Danish art of hygge and I for one fully intend to do so. I love how they value appreciating the simple things in life and savouring every moment. As it says in the article; ‘eat that pastry. Enjoy a glass of wine, guilt free. Celebrate the first day you can wear a scarf again, or break out the opaque tights. Turn a 3pm cuppa into an event with friends. Luxuriate in a hot bath. Warm your pants on a radiator. Bake a cake and invite someone round to share your hygge – and let the warm, fuzzy feelings flow. Right there in an Autumnal nutshell is all the goodness that this season is about for me, bring on those warm fuzzy feelings I say oh and the scarves, you can never have to many scarves in my book, although in Steve’s book I have far too many!

One of my most favourite times of the year for colour too, the leaves turning on the trees; burnt oranges, reds, yellows, tans and browns all lend themselves to beautiful earthy combinations. A few hours of foraging and you will be sure to acquire some serious seasonal goodies; blackberries, conkers, rosehips, contoneaster, guelder berry, snowberry, beech, the list goes on.  It’s not only those gorgeous Autumnal colours and textures but the stunning golden sunlight that just streams through your windows in the mornings and seems to shine that bit brighter at this time of the year. Then there’s those incredible sunsets, currently seen popping up all over my Instagram feed at the moment. So sit back with your cup of tea and lets go on a journey of Autumnal inspiration…


These Autumnal inspired designs were created for the Trafalgar Tavern wedding show case in Greenwich on Sunday. I opted for a slightly lighter pallet made up of golden yellows and caramels mixed with hints of whites and burgundies. Styled with brass vases and candlesticks and oodles of foliage. The shutter installation could be used as part of a table plan design or as a ceremony backdrop or entrance piece for an event. The combo rose pictured, I discovered recently and have since been obsessed with incorporating it within my designs and I have to say I think it has become my favourite rose (we shall see how long it lasts, you know how fickle I can be when it comes to my flowers I fall in love rather easily 😉 ) I just adore it’s unusual shade and it’s perfect for this time of the year. Then there’s those coral dahlia’s, if you don’t follow Floret Flower farms already, you must! Their social media feeds will have you swooning over their breathtaking dahlia fields wanting to quit the day job and buy a one way plane ticket to work on their farm! Cosmos, has been my wild card flower this year, and has really ‘grown’ on me (pun intended) I have incorporated it quite a lot into my designs and I just love it’s shape and form.

Are you loving the change in season or are you still sad to see summer over? What’s your favourite season and why?

Image credits: Belle Photo Journey


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