When Life Gives You Lemons….Make Lemonade!

I am long over due with writing this blog post & I can only apologise as I have been neglecting the blog as of late. Updating  it on a regular basis is something I really am going to try to do. There is however a rather valid reason for my quietness of late and that is as some of you probably already know I had a rather nasty car accident at the beginning of March. Now I don’t want to dwell on the details too much as it wasn’t the best experience & I am just very thankful that it wasn’t worse. As they say in life though even from a negative experience you can always find a positive & believe it or not there are a number that have come out of this horrible situation….

You realise how loved you are, I feel so lucky to have such amazing family, friends & my Steve of course who have been so caring and supportive. The shelves in my living room are decked with lots of lovely get well cards (I still haven’t taken them down yet). I had so many visitors who have come to cheer me up over the weeks after it happened, thank you all so much (you know who you are).

How resilient you are both physically and mentally when the chips are down you really do some how find your inner strength. Yes don’t get me wrong there were times when I felt fed up & irritated particularly being stuck on crutches & in pain but then you remind yourself of how lucky you are and that you have to carry on and get better.

My poor little car which I loved so dearly is sadly no more but fate I guess you could say has stepped in & pushed me towards getting my new work van a little sooner than I had anticipated. Yes of course it was something that I was hoping to do in the future  but because of the sudden change in circumstance I am now on the hunt for the Joanne Truby Floral Design dream mobile, all very exciting! Being a shorty reaching the pedals can sometimes be a bit of an issue,  at the moment I have my eye on the Citroen Nemo.

I am truly humbled by how understanding my couples & potential couples have been of course I have been honest with everyone from the start keeping them informed of my progress & obviously because of the situation consultations unfortunately had to be postponed and re-arranged. I expected that some people might feel a little disconcerted which is completely understandable when you are the mist of planning one of if not the biggest day of your life. Although on the contrary my couples and potential couples have been absolutely amazing waiting until I was better to meet with me & even offering to visit me instead as I couldn’t get around and I can’t thank them enough. One of our business goals at the beginning of the year which we mentioned in this blog post was to double the number of bookings we had last year & with another confirmed booking this week we have succeeded, I can’t quite believe it as it is still only May 1st!

So what else has been happening here at Joanne Truby Floral Design HQ? Well I am super excited about all the wonderful weddings we have coming up as we start to approach the peak wedding season lots or prepping going on at the moment; prop hire & container sourcing. I’m still trying to find 2 copper jugs for a wedding in September so if anyone knows of any suppliers that might have them that would be fab! Our brand spanking new logo is now ready!! Designed by the talented Becky Lord Design I absolutely love it & I am itching to show it off  BUT resisting the urge as along with our new logo we are working on our brand new website, so watch this space for the big reveal!

For now I wanted to show you a sneaky peek of our new business cards, just one side of course so not to give away the logo 😉 I am so super chuffed with these, do you like them?

A bit of a short but of course sweet post today and I won’t leave it as long next time before I post again.

Enjoy the long bank holiday weekend

Joanne xx


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