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In today’s post I am sharing with you some of my tips on how to start your own wedding and event floristry business. Starting with the first fundemental question you need to ask yourself. 

I know, I know I have been very slack with blogging lately & I apologise, with the wedding now being just round the corner I will be honest, I have been struggling to stay focused especially after having a busy mother’s day weekend a couple weeks back too. Still this week, (in fact as you read this I shall be on my honeymoon) I have a blog post to share, finally! Today I am talking wedding centre piece inspiration, tall, low or long? One main centre piece or a variety of vases and vessels? There is just so much choice! So where to begin?

Image by Kerry Ann Duffy

If your venue has a more rustic feel then you may want to compliment the space by opting for more relaxed arrangements in an eclectic mix of jars and bottles. Whenever working with smaller vessels I recommend creating a grouped design made up of a mix of different size bottles and jars to add slightly different heights and interest you could even pair with tea lights if you wanted to incorporate candle light or other props which are personal to you both and your big day.

For a centre piece that just screams elegance, candelabra’s are always a great option. I particularly love the gold and copper candelabra’s. Flowers can be added in a number of ways, an arrangement on top as pictured above or you might want to have a ring of flowers surrounding the base of the candelabra. For a real luxe look you could opt to have flowers arranged at the top whilst cascading down the candelabra at the same time.

Tall glass trumpet vases are versatile as you could have a design which consists of having something inside the vase to add drama. As we did for Amy and Andrew’s winter wedding, for the centre pieces we decided to fill the tall vases with pine cones which worked really well with the rest of their decor and overall styling for the day (ahem if I do say so myself!).

Image by Michelle Lindsell

For a low centre piece that packs punch how about a silver footed bowl? These arrangements although low are still rather large and definitely will create a statement on your tables, I particularly love these designs on round table layouts.

Long banquet style tables lend themselves more to low and long centre pieces, like this woodland runner design we created for a gorgeous tipi wedding back in 2014.

Image by Anna Clarke

Who said jam jars couldn’t be elegant? Add a glitter border or a base to your vase & voila instant elegance right there! We created these gold glitter jars as part of a long top table scape which was made up of larger arrangements and cut glass vases alternating along the length of the table.

If your keen to have one main focal arrangement on your tables then opt for big blousy blooms such as hydrangeas, dahlias and roses, the above design we created for one of our summer weddings last year, the flowers were arranged on our glass footed stands which look beautiful both on round and long tables.

Image by Tracey Hosey

Image by Emma Sekhon

The above design we created was made up of moss platforms in different sizes and the mechanics to create these was a bit complex and time consuming but totally worth it when this is the final outcome! We worked with reindeer moss as its a lot lighter in colour then the more common carpet moss which is a darker green shade as bride sarah didn’t want to include any dark coloured foliage within their scheme. We used gold ridged vases and gold glitter jars paired with gold sprayed jars and tea lights to compliment their gold cutlery finished with succulents and scattered eucalyptus leaves. This design is definitely a favourite of mine.

Image by Corette Faux

Image by Carey Sheffield

Foliage heavy arrangements are key for 2016 (as you know I am a big lover of foliage anyway!) you could even have foliage garlands for your centre pieces that incorporate little to no flowers. Perfect if your having a more laid back boho style wedding or even if your venue has a more industrial vibe to it they can be styled in a more modern way to by incorporating more tropical foliage such as palm leaves. A mix of different foliages will add depth and texture to the design.

©Rebecca Douglas – –

Image by Rebecca Douglas

Moss and succulent table runner anyone? This is definitely a design for all you woodland lovers, again long runners work better on long rectangular tables as opposed to round tables. You don’t necessarily have to use jars you could have birch wood containers or even medicine/apothecary bottles would look great.

As you can probably tell from these snippets of ideas we have shared today, no two of our designs are ever the same. We like to create completely unique designs for each of our couples and clients, pushing the boundaries outside of our comfort zone (gaining a few grey hairs a long the way!) so often the designs creates are something that we may not have done before. It can also include sourcing specific containers and vases to covering/spraying/adding glitter to vases to creating moss platforms or foliage runners and that’s just for starters! Hopefully though it has given you a dose of inspiration if your thinking about centre pieces for your big day…..

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  1. Adams

    Really really nice, love the sunflower!

    • joannetruby

      Thank you! Sunflowers are gorgeous aren’t they, you must see a fair amount of different flower arrangements doing photography?



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