Spring Flower Guide

In today’s post I am sharing with you some of my tips on how to start your own wedding and event floristry business. Starting with the first fundemental question you need to ask yourself. 

Looking out of my window today at the gorgeous sunshine, the longer days we have been experiencing since the clocks went forward and the the long Easter bank holiday weekend we have just had I think it’s safe to say we are now officially in Spring hurrah! I’m a lover of all the seasons, particularly as being a floral designer that is one of the loves of the job the excitement that comes with each seasons flower & foliage offerings. Having said that Spring especially holds a special place in my heart for its association with fresh new beginnings that it offers after the long cold & dark winter. Waking us up from ‘hibernation’ you quite literally feel yourself blossom much like the flowers themselves. With that in mind I wanted to pay homage to the wonderful Spring flower varieties available at this time of year and share with you my spring flower guide.

Tulips flower during spring & come in such a vast array of colours and varieties two of my personal favourites being parrot and fringed tulips. Did you know that Tulips are one of the only flowers which continue to grow even once they have been cut? Watch out for it next time you buy yourself some pretty tulips, after you have arranged them in the vase they will grow taller & move of their own accord. The pretty pink tulips pictured below were used in our Elsie mother’s day bouquets this year. If Tulips are your favourite flower then you should definately take a trip to Keukenhof in Holland and admire the most breath taking tulip fields in all their flowery glory.

Now spring simply wouldn’t be spring without Daffodils, you can always count on their bright cheery faces to make you smile even on a grey & rainy day! This year I have been swooning over the ‘coral charm’ variety below which I bought a few weeks ago, they are just beautiful don’t you think? With soft outer white petals & gorgeous peach ruffled centres they have an air of elegance that I just can’t get enough of. If it is scent that you are after then opt for the delicate narcissus which has a lovely fresh smell and the flowers themselves are so cute. If you are not already familiar they are basically miniature daffodils and are available in whites, yellows and some have different coloured centres too.

Ranunculus, I could write a whole blog post alone on this exquisite flower it is rapidly becoming one of my all time favourites (shhh though don’t tell the others though they might get upset!). This stunning flower is made up of lots of ruffled paper like petals that once fully opened they remind me a little of a peony but a smaller more miniature version. Not only are ranunculus beautiful but they also last ages too, some of the stems I have bought this year have lasted as long as 3 weeks!! They are available in lots of different shades too; pink, white, yellow, orange, burgundy/wine, red the variety pictured below are called ‘salmon’ a gorgeous peachy colour.

Anenomes, they look like poppies with their dark centres such a pretty flower. The one pictured below I have some of these sitting on my desk at the moment. I know I might be biased but it really does make such a difference having a flowers in your home, they brighten the space & add a pop of colour if you choose a scented flower too you also have the added bonus of filling your home with a natural perfume. Anenomes are available in tones of; purple, pink, red and white. The white ones with the dark navy centres are also available during some of the winter months as that’s when their season begins. The stems of Anenomes and Ranunculus are not quite as hardy as a rose so you do need to be a bit more careful when handling them, you normally buy both when they are rather tightly budded and over a few days they then open up.

Blossom, who we have to thank for making our streets and parks look so darn pretty during spring time, has such a soft and romantic feel to it. If you are lucky enough to have a blossom tree in your garden, cut down a couple of small branches and put them in a jug or jam jar such a simple yet elegant arrangement that you could add to your living room, dinning room or bedroom.

Spring offers such a wonderful medley of scents, I would say it has the most number of scented flower varieties more so then any of the other seasons closely followed by summer. This is a close up of a spring bouquet which we did a couple of weeks ago that is made up of a variety of scented flowers; lilacs, tuberose and stocks and I must say it smelt heavenly!

So there you have it our Spring flower guide, I hope it has been useful and given you an insight to what’s on offer at this wonderful time of year. All of these images are from our Instagram feed so if you would like to keep up to date with our latest musings & shenanigans you can follow us here.

Here’s to spring!


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