Pete and Pauline’s Wedding

Hello lovely people,

Welcome to my brand new blog! And my first ever post! Lets hope its the first of many…… today I want to tell you about the wedding flowers I done for a lovely couple who got married on Saturday 5th May 2012. Pauline wanted her bouquet to consist of lovely seasonal flowers and she said her favourite flowers were Peonies and Lily of the Valley. Two beautiful flowers that both have lush scents and the two combined would create a classic style bouquet which was exactly what Pauline wanted. Image

This is a Close up of  the ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ peony that was used in Pauline’s bouquet. The peony has a flower meaning of a happy marriage, good health and prosperity which is very fitting for a wedding.


The Lily of the Valley I purchased fresh from the flower market. Lily of the Valley is a very dainty flower that has a sweet perfume scent, in the language of flowers it has a meaning of ‘return to happiness’.

For the flower girl Pauline wanted a small posy to match her bridal bouquet, I suggested to use just Lily of the Valley on its own as the flowers are so small and delicate, perfect for a flower girl to hold and would also co-ordinate well with the Lily of the Valley incorporated in her bridal bouquet.


The flower girl posy, tied with a lovely white satin ribbon and fastened with pearl pins.

In keeping with the classic style Pauline wanted to create the button holes were created using stems of Lily of the Valley and the flowers leaf, these were finished off with white satin ribbon and one pearl pin to co-ordinate with the flower girl posy.


The week leading up to the wedding I had to nurse the peonies that were to be used in Pauline’s bridal bouquet, keeping them in just the right conditions that would allow them to open up and reveal their lush silky petals in time for her special day. This involved moving them around to different rooms of my house to get the correct temperature etc. peonies can be temperamental to work with but when they open its so worth it!


Pauline’s bouquet was finished with white satin ribbon and large pearl pins in keeping with her classic style theme.



I received an email last week from Pauline  that said ‘Thank you so much for arranging my wedding flowers and at such short notice too, the flowers were absolutely lovely.’ I am so pleased she was happy with them.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first ever post, please feel free to leave comments I would love to read them. I shall be blogging again soon…. I hope you all have a fab weekend and enjoy this lovely sunshine we have at the moment.

Joanne xxx


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