In Search of the Perfect Vase

In today’s post I am sharing with you some of my tips on how to start your own wedding and event floristry business. Starting with the first fundemental question you need to ask yourself. 

Now I know you may argue that I am a little biased when I say that in my opinion a room, the living room in particular, is not finished until you have a vase of pretty flowers adorning your dining room or coffee table. I really do believe it is true and in my defense one of my friends said words to the same effect only last week (I promise I wasn’t twisting her arm either!). There’s something about having flowers in your home that just bring life & character to a room, not to mention scent too (depending on the flowers)! It doesn’t necessarily have to be an elaborate arrangement either but a simple posy or a few single stem flowers placed in bottles can make all the difference. Last week Steve & I braved a trip to Homebase to do a spot of DIY (to his loathing I had bought new wall paper which needed to be hung). However whilst looking at wall paper paste & brushes I got stopped in my tracks by the gorgeous new Habitat section. Who knew Habitat had a concession within Homebase? It’s going to make purchasing brackets & screws that more bearable from now on that’s for sure! They had the most wonderful collection of vases & containers on display from bright popping ceramics to shinny copper designs I had to try VERY hard not to buy anything for myself. With that in mind I thought I would showcase some of my recent finds, if you are in search of the perfect vase hopefully this will give you a dose of inspiration.


I am a big fan of all things copper at the moment, well ever since we flowered the lovely Amy & Andrew’s wedding in November, as copper was part of their sumptuous colour scheme. Since then hints of copper have crept into my home, the latest edition being a cushion with copper writing ‘Don’t forget to be happy’ which I just adore. I have spotted some lush copper vases, if your keen to add some of this metallic in your life, one of my favourites being this one from Habitat.

<Image via Habitat>

Available in two different sizes; the small is £18.00 and measures D7 x H25.5cm the large is £25.00 and measures D12 x H27cm. They look great grouped together as pictured above but equally would create a statement on their own too. If I were to add flowers to them I would go for taller varieties with an elongated shape as opposed to short & blowsy, such as larkspur, snap dragons, delphinium or even some twiggy foliage such as Spirea which is around in abundance currently would  look great in one of these vases.


A big trend at the moment in the wedding world, which is also emerging among home interiors, is a love of all things botanical. This one is for all you foliage lovers out there & what could optimise botanic more than these delightful vases from Zara Home?

<Image via Zara Home>

<Image via Zara Home>

Available in three different designs & sizes; Grapes £19.99 (13.0 x 13.0 x 25.0 cm), Leaves £17.99 (9.7 x 9.7 x 19.5 cm) & Artichokes £15.99 (8.3 x 8.3 x 15.0 cm). A few stems of jasmine would finish these cute vases off perfectly.


You can’t walk down your local high street without spotting something that has a geometric print on it, whether it be Stationery, clothing or of course home decor & accessories. Graham & Green have nailed geometric with their statement collection of vases, a couple of my favourites being these Mint Pleated Vases £30.00 (20cm H x 15cm W x 15cm D) wouldn’t these look just perfect nestled at the end of a book shelf or on a small side table in the living room?

<Image via Graham & Green>

Something Quirky?

For those of you looking for something a little more quirky, how about these ceramic animal wall vases? Cool don’t you think? In terms of the flowers, I personally would go for a just few stems cut short, something like sweet peas could create a funky hair style. Sold individually priced at £35 each one has slightly different dimensions so best to check on the website. If you like these you may also like their Ceramic Animal Vases too.

<Image via Graham & Green>

I hope this has given you oodles of inspiration for vases & the different ones out there at the moment, especially if you’re looking for something a little different! Which one of these are your favourite? Remember we do offer our flowers for the home service, providing regular flower arrangements for your home on a weekly or monthly basis as well as flowers for one off events such as dinner parties. Email;


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