floristry taster day workshop with blossom and tulips

A couple of weeks ago I opened my studio doors to welcome lovely Vivian, for a floristry taster day workshop. The first of this years floral masterclasses and it made me so happy! The day started off with some conditioning whilst talking through what gorgeous blooms we had to play with that day. The studio was full of so many beautiful spring blooms including blossom and tulips. Along with butterfly Ranunculus (a particular favourite of Vivian’s) exquisite Westminster Abbey Roses, Aquilegia, Clematis, Narcissus with my favourite peachy centred varieties. Lisianthus, Hellebores, and a Hyacinth in an Apricot shade I have never seen before!

Floristry Taster Day


We then spent the morning creating bouquets teaching Viviane the spiralling technique. Once you have mastered this it becomes an invaluable skill to have. If you ask me Vivian was a natural and took to bouquet making like a duck to water. As you can see from her beautiful bouquet that she created below.

Floristry Taster Day
Spring Bouquet

Foam free Urns

After some photo taking we then stopped for lunch which consisted of a delicious Mediterranean vegetable quiche with salad. The salad had lentils and pomegranate seeds in it (who do I even think I am!) Followed by an apple and rhubarb cake (everyone knows cake is an essential fuel when working with flowers 😉 ).

Floristry Taster Day

The afternoon was spent focusing on larger scale vessel arrangements using chicken wire. Above is my demo I created whilst talking through my design principles that I like to take on board when creating an arrangement. Then it was over to Viviane and she created a floral masterpiece (pictured below). She did such a marvellous job, I can’t quite believe it was her first ever time creating an arrangement in chicken wire! I particularly love her placement of the foliage and the lovely lines she created with them.

Spring Bloom Urn

Floristry Taster Day

It was such a lovely flower filled day, passing on my knowledge and skills to other flower lovers brings me so much joy. Viviane is due to launch her floristry business this Autumn and I am so excited to follow her journey, I have a feeling she is going to be a huge success. I have another floristry taster day coming up in August, if you would like to find out more check out the website.

I hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend


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